Tips to Train Your Dog At Home

Humans can become very attached to their canine companions. There are rare things in life that give us more recreation than our pets. Dogs are our best friends and are synonymous with loyalty, devotion, and love. Every dog owner wants their dog better behaved. For this, you have to train your dog. The first way is to attend a dog class led by a professional trainer, however, this is not possible for everyone to afford these classes. The second way is the house training. Train your canine at home by following below mentioned easy tips.

Listen To Your Dog

It is important to listen to your dog before starting any kind of house training. You should be mentally prepared for the accidents occurs while training session. Stephanie Taunton said do not expect him to learn the things instantly. If your dog is not comfortable with another dog, person or animal, do not insist him to say hello. You should respect the reason for what he is not feeling comfortable. Sometimes forcing things will result in bigger problems.

Listen to Your Dog

Be Generous with Your Affection

It’s good to be very clear about your feeling with your dog. If you are unhappy with your dog, show it, however, do not forget the good stuff. Your dog needs your affection a lot. Every time when he does well, treat him with your love and affection.

Quench His Tastebuds

Every dog is unique and it does not take much to know your dog. Just because the label on the bag says “all dogs love it” does not mean your dog will love it too. Use your instincts to know what he enjoys most. Many dogs are choosy about what they eat. Sometimes soft and chew treats are more excited than hard and crunchy treats.

Quench His Taste buds

Be specific what you Want Him to Do

Dogs always love to jump, play and bark. Now what exactly you want from him when he tries to jump up on someone to say hello. Instead of simply saying No, You just instruct him to sit. When you say No to him, your dog, maybe jump higher or bark. So to avoid the confusion, tell him to sit instead of jumping. Give him clear instructions in order to get the desired results.

Be Consistent

When you are training your dog. Set 15-20 min as a daily training routine. Initially, dogs especially Pubs not find it interesting, but if you practice daily, it will be a routine for them. Involve your family members in the training session to keep all of them on the same page.

Be Consistent

Feed Quality Foods

Quality food fulfills the nutrients need of your canine. Do not miss to take advice from your veterinarian on a well-balanced diet for your pet. High protein diet won’t be suitable for a dog who loves to sit in your family room.

Have Realistic Approach

According to Stephanie Taunton a License animal trainer, to successfully house train your Dogs and pubs, you have to be patient enough as it will take several months to train them. Changing behavior takes time with dogs. You have to have a realistic approach while training your dog.

Reward Works Best

It’s good to give a reward to your dog during training. Not with food items every time, you can reinforce him with praise, touch, games, and walks.