What 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Training Your Dog

Training Mistake - Stephanie Taunton

Dog training is a lasting process. There is a lot of online information about how to train a dog. You can teach your dog anything using different methods says, Stephanie Taunton. However, there is a lot of mistakes that individuals can make while training their dogs. In this article, you will get some common missteps that have a big impact on whether or not your efforts are successful.

Dog Training -Stepahnie Taunton
Dog Training -Stephanie Taunton

Here are some common mistakes that you should avoid when training the dog:

Failing to rehearsal in between classes

This is a big mistake individuals make. Practice makes man perfect and it is also applicable to dog training. If you think that by attending a class once a week, you can create an obedient dog, then you are wrong. Hence, make sure you rehearsal every day.

Actually, dogs have the mindset of a human toddler and their attention spans can be short. And for some dogs, you will have better achievement with 5 to 10-minute session states Stephanie Taunton Facebook profile.

Command Nagging

Command nagging is when a dog does not reply to a cue. This happens with the word “Come”. Dog Trainer say it, the dog doesn’t follow and he/she keep saying it. Soon the dog does not pay attention until you have said the word five to six times.

By repeating the cue, you are teaching your pet not to respond right away. So, it is imperative to say the cue just once. If your dog is bleary and you do not think he is listening, it is better not to say it at all. It will help to avoid command nagging and train the dog to respond to a single cue every time.



It will take time to train a dog. In fact, each dog learns at different pace says, Stephanie Taunton. So, getting upset if your dog is not catching something you are trying to teach is not going to help. Fact is, it will make the things worst as the dog also get stressed. If your dog is trying to learn something, consider whether or not this is a good time to train.

Bribing instead of training with rewards


Reward-based training is the most effective method to teach new skills. However, there is the correct and wrong way to use those rewards Bow Wow Production founder says. The most common blunder individuals make while training a new cue is that they grasp a noticeable treat in their hand while asking the dog to perform an action.

When the dog sees what is in stock for them, they are likely to offer whatsoever behavior they think might win them the treat. However, when the treat isn’t extant, the conduct drops apart.

Using a high voice

Like children, dogs are much happier to react to a request when it is spoken with enthusiasm and pleasure. An angry tone specifies that you are already angry with them and cause the dog to evade you at all prices.

Wrapping Up

These some mistakes by Stephanie Taunton that you should avoid while training your dog. Whether you just have bought a cute puppy, or want to train old one, these are some mistakes that you should evade.



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