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stephanie taunton dog food

Sometimes dog digestion issues. When you first adopted a dog you kept dreaming that grain-free was really good for new diets and for stomach issues grain intolerance is one of the most common dietary concerns that veterinary nutritionists. Stephanie Taunton hears from pet owners. She says food allergies, especially two grains aren’t really a problem in pets. Very rarely are their allergens, two grains and that’s a very common misconception. Animals have vastly different nutritional needs than humans. When people try to apply their own diets to their pets doesn’t always work out so well. Another common trend, especially for those who are meat-free themselves is feeding their pets of vegetarian or vegan diets. Cats are carnivores now that doesn’t mean that cats can’t tolerate carbohydrates and plant sources of food in their food, but they are designed to eat certain meats others don’t shy away from meat feeding their pets. A raw diet with the belief that dogs and cats should eat more like their wolf and Wildcat ancestor.

Stephanie Taunton says a raw diet is not only nutritionally inadequate but can also put animals and their owners at risk for infectious diseases. Pet owners concerned about the ingredients in pet foods. May be tempted to make their own, but most homemade pet food recipes just don’t contain the nutrients your pet needs and can cause severe health issues the worst-case scenarios will be significant bone. Deformities and young animals that don’t grow their bones appropriately they can get fractures. They become paralyzed after consulting her. Vet Lily ditched the grain-free food and found the right diet for dogs who were growing into a happy healthy dog.

Stephanie Taunton – Golden Retriever Feeding Tips to Stay Healthy

Stephanie Taunton Golden Retriever

Fondly called “golden”, a golden retriever is one of the most even-tempered intelligent dogs. They make a delightful playmate for energetic kids, considerate companions of other pets and the overall sweetness and brightness is something to love. If you picture your eyes being lit up when your large golden retriever enters, then you need to understand how to feed them for optimum health. Here is Stephanie Taunton, a professional dog trainer with decades of experience to walk you through how to feed your golden four-legged friend.

“To start with, It is important to know that their needs and feeding vary on the age and size and the puppies reach adulthood at age 12-18 months,” says Stephanie Taunton. “They are a very active breed with fiery appetite, hence they require high-quality nutrition to thrive,” Stephanie added.

Puppy Feeding Guidelines

Feeding a Golden Retriever Newborns Tips

The first six to eight weeks of food should mainly be based on the mother’s milk. The mother’s milk is an all in one nutrient-packed meal perfect for the newborn health. It also provides antibodies that help fight off any diseases or infections. In case of mastitis or any other hindrances to the maternal milk, there are high-quality milk replacers the puppies can be fed with.

How to Ween the Newborn Pups to Solid Food

This isn’t something to change at a go and it should be introduced when puppies are generally 6-8 weeks. The weening process should be gradual as they change fro milk to solid food. Ensure, however, that the food is balanced with nutrients essential for growth.

How Often Do The Pup need to be Fed

How often to feed dog retriever puppies depends on the age as well. Generally, puppies between age:

  • 8 to 12 weeks old should be fed 4 times per day.
  • Puppies 3 to 6 months old should be fed 3 times per day.
  • Puppies 6 months to a year old should be fed 2 times per day.

Adult Feeding Requirements

Nutrition and feeding needs differ according to breeds, therefore, it is important to consult with the vet doctor on the best diet for a golden retriever. Here are tips to guide you in taking care of the adult golden retriever.

How Often should the Adult be Fed

Unlike the puppies, the adults can go with once or twice feeding per day. 1000-1500 calories are recommended daily for active golden retriever adults.

Choose a High-Quality Food

Just like humans, feeding your golden with high-quality food is very important for their health. “If you need well balanced nutritious meal rich in protein, vitamins, carbohydrates and fat to thrive, so does your golden retriever.” Says Stephanie Taunton. However, while at it, ensure you read the prescribed quantity indicated on the manufacturer’s package. Here are the important things to look out for when buying food or feeding your dog:

  • Dogs are carnivores, ensure they are well fed with meats. Look out for food that lists meats as the key ingredients.
  • Consult the vet first to know if you can feed your golden retriever with bone. Sometimes the bone can disrupt the digestive system. Consider rawhide bones when you want to give them bone treats.
  • Avoid food that contains fillers, grain, soy, corn, meat by-products, preservatives, dairy, flavors as these can be injurious to the health and also inflame allergies.
  • If you would prefer to feed them with homemade diets, research or ask your vet first and ensure the food meets the proper nutrients requirements.
  • Avoid giving the golden retriever human food that is dangerous to golden’s health such as chocolate, grapes, raisins, yeast, among others.

Stephanie Taunton – Best Dog Breeds for Family

Stephanie Taunton Dog Breeds

Adopting a four-legged creature is an important addition to the family. Hence, there are factors to consider before taking this important step. First thing first, dogs differ in relation to their personalities, energy levels, temperaments, and size. While some dogs are best playmates for older kids, some are quite gentle, calm and will form a great companion for your little one. Moreover, some prefer to roam around in the house while there are some that prefer cuddles on the couch with their owners.

Hence, before you take the plunge, ask yourself. What lifestyle and activities can this dog fit into? How welcoming is the dog? Is this dog suitable for my toddler or teens? How does this dog fit into the living arrangements, schedule, and budget? Well, that favorite dog of yours might not be the best for your family. After all, a family is important and they are probably the reason you are getting the dog in the first place. Take adequate precautions while adding to the family. Let Stephanie Taunton, a renowned dog coach help you discover the best dog that is ideal for your family.


Stephanie Taunton Bulldog

Thick sturdy gait, low sturdy body, wrinkled face, with compressed jaws, that is a bulldog and can never be mistaken for any other breed. They have a friendly disposition and playful personalities. The gaits are quite dignified, a reason why they are not so energetic. They are good to go in any living environment and need only moderate exercise. This loyal creature also makes a great companion for kids and their friendly nature welcomes any visitor. However, those cute wrinkled face should be cleaned regularly to prevent infection. Plus, if you stay in more humid environments, their short snorts can make them overheat, thus, extra care should be taken.


Stephanie Taunton Havanese

Looking for the best companion to cuddle with at any time of the day? You can never go wrong with Havanese. These adorable cuties can literally follow you wherever you are going and can get a little anxious when left alone. They are trainable and they are affectionate to either your kids or anyone. Be ready, however, for regular grooming as their hypoallergenic coat requires brushing every time. “Their gleam big brown expressive eyes will sure win you over, “says Stephanie Taunton. “This breed are highly sociable, in fact, it is essential if you do not want them to be timid.”


Stephanie Taunton Collie

Have a house packed with energetic kids? Here is a dog to match up with all the energy levels. A dog that is majestic yet affectionate with kids. They are known for undying loyalty and an intelligent dog who understands the owners’ needs. This is one of the best family dogs, gentle, easy to train and rarely misbehave. Don’t be put off by the long rough fur, they actually need less grooming than you’d think. These athletic dogs require regular exercise, a good companion for all your daily exercise.

Bichon Fries

Stephanie Taunton Bichon fries

A stranger has never cross bichon’s part, it has to be a friend. This makes them one of the friendliest and sociable dog. The fluffy white coat with the black eyes are not the only thing adorable, this personality itself is. They are cheerful with a lot of love to give to anyone they encounter. This is an intelligent dog for your kids to play mischief with. Plus, for your outdoor outing, they have got all the energy to make it an enjoyable one.

 Labrador Retriever

 Stephanie Taunton Labrador Retriever

Labrador is one of the most popular breeds in America. Loveable, friendly, high-spirited, easy to train, protective, reliable, lover of everyone and anyone. What’s not to love about this dog? Being known as one of the most popular breeds in America, no better companion for a family who loves medium to large dogs. “Be ready for a lot of exercises, the Labrador is full of life. From outdoor games to swimming, your energetic kid just got the best buddy ever. If you aren’t satisfying them with any of these, they can divert their energy to barking, or chewing” Says Stephanie Taunton.

The best breed of dogs given by Stephanie Taunton is a great choice for a family. However, you can never go wrong with Mutts, a mixed breed when searching for the best dog breed for the family. Either you go to a local center to adopt one or you decide to buy any of the ones mention above, monitor the way the dog responds to your family. Is it sociable? Does it welcome the family with a wagging tail at first contact? These and many more are the signs to look out for. Have a joyful experience with your four-legged buddy.

Stephanie Taunton | Keep Your Pets Safe In Summers

Stephanie Taunton | Steps To Keep Your Pets Safe In Summer

The season of summer implies lots of happiness, adventures, the beach, open-air plays, etc. Summer can be a fabulous time to formulate a healthy relationship with your pets. But as the temperature goes higher risks of getting injuries, skin and ear infections, and a possibility of a heat stroke increases. Pets do not frequently sweat in the equivalent way as humans do. That’s the reason why the risk of overheat is always there.

So herewith Stephanie Taunton – a certified pet trainer, let’s explore some tips through which you can keep your pet safe in summer. 

Don’t leave your pet alone in a vehicle, even in the shade with the windows slightly down

The issue of owners leaving their pets in their vehicles throughout the scorching summertime months can really be a dangerous thing. Parked vehicles can immediately turn into malignant temperatures, even on relatively warm days Thus rise in temperature may develop the risk of heatstroke. So whenever you visit outside where you find that you cannot take your pet, then it’s better to leave your pet at home.

Give Them Plenty of Water

According to an expert pet trainer – Stephanie Taunton, about 1.3 to 2.6 liters of water is recommended by the veterinarian to the pets throughout the day. Depending upon the size of the pet. Throughout the season, though, you should implement more than this to be persuaded that your furry companion is receiving plenty of water. Pets may not mislay adequate water throughout sweating, but they can dissipate it through other ways such as dribbling. Absorbing plenty of water will also assist them to stay cool. Also, one should keep a water dish inside and outside, and refill it with fresh, clean, cold water daily.

Keep your pet’s paws in mind

When you notice an extreme rise in temperature, surfaces like pavement or element can get really hot. So try to keep your pet off of hot roads and surfaces. Not only it can burn paws, but it can also raise body temperature and lead to overheating. Also, it’s not a great idea to drive around with your pets in the bed of a truck – the hot element can burn paws immediately (and they can fall out or be wounded or killed in an accident).

Keep your pet comfortable

If your pet appears to be in trouble or distress, try wetting their feet and showering water onto their faces. This is an option for dogs, cats, ferrets, poultry and caged birds as many animals control their inner temperature through their feet. It’ s essential not to immerse a bird’s feathers as this can cause them to go into shock.

Keep parasites off

In the summertime, insects, pests, mosquitoes, and other parasites are substantially everywhere. They carry tapeworms, heartworms, and infections such as Lyme or Bartonella that can put your pet at risk. Ask your vet for the relevant medical prescriptions to keep your pets free from the parasites.

According to an expert – Stephanie Tauntonthese were some of the tips that will definitely help you to keep your pets safe in summer

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Stephanie Taunton Hesperia Zoo -Dog Grooming Tips

Some peoples think that grooming a dog yourself can appear like a herculean task, and it can, in fact, be a little keen-witted. But, it is false? In fact, it’s considerably mild to groom your puppy at home, but it’s essential to have some fundamental knowledge of dog grooming best practices. So herewith Stephanie Taunton — California state-certified dog trainer, let’s explore some simple and foremost ways to groom a dog.

Grooming a dog requires some basic tools such as a high-quality brush or comb, sharp and professional-grade scissors, clippers, shampoo, etc. So you must keep these above-mentioned tools ready before you start grooming a dog.


The first step will be washing the puppy or dog especially when his/her feathers are messy and dirty. Washing includes the use of water and shampoo. So use a gentle dog shampoo to make your dog bath. Also, keep in mind to maintain the temperature of the water. Neither it should be too warm nor cold. Wash the dog properly so that all the foam of the shampoo may disappear from the coat. After washing allow your dog to dry completely before brushing.

Dog Trainer stephanie taunton.jpg


After washing the dog, the next step should be brushing. Once your dog’s hair are dry, wipe him completely to get cleared of stagnant, trapped, and twisted hair. Start from your dog’s head and then gently through his whole body. The bottom of your dog’s abdomen is a very delicate area, so take special care to be sensitive when brushing there. Brushing your dog may take some time, particularly if he’s a long-haired breed. Also, try to avoid brushing too hard as this could irritate your dog’s skin.

Grooming with Clippers and Scissors

After all the basic steps of washing and brushing it’s now time to groom your dog’s hair through clippers and scissors. Clippers are often used as a first priority because it is a lot safer than the scissors. Grooming through clippers is an easy way, all you have to do is to put on the clippers on your dog’s hair and then gently cut the hairs through the scissors. But keep in mind that place the clippers for a limited period of time because excessive use can lead to burning the skin of the dog. So try to observe the temperature of the clipper after a short period of time. After the use of clippers, it is now time for the scissors. Scissors are excellent for encountering up and cutting the hair throughout your dog’s limbs, ears, and face.

According to a certified dog trainer — Stephanie Taunton, these were some of the Basic Dog Grooming Steps that can help you to groom your dog at home.

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Top 5 Best Pet Food Brands Endorsed by an Expert Tutor (Stephanie Taunton)

Top 5 Best Pet Food Brands Stephanie Taunton

A pet is perpetually a member of the family who deserves, the most suitable food. It is essential to purchase the right food for your pet in order to make them healthy, happy, and full of energy. Different pets have different food requirements depending upon their age, type, and life. Identifying which food is best for your pet can improve the pet’s quality of life.

So herewith the help of an expert dog trainer — Stephanie Taunton, let’s find out which are the best and popular pet food brands that can enhance your pet’s life.

Top 5 Best Pet Food Brands Endorsed by an Expert Tutor ( Stephanie Taunton)


Every pet owner desires to feed their pets with the foods rich in antioxidants, proteins, healthy fatty acids, nutrition, etc. It is difficult to find such things in a single diet. But now, Orijen has made it possible for you. It is a perfect blend of diet for pets. Orijen is widely recommended by various veterinary doctors and trainers so that the pet may receive a nutritious and biologically appropriate diet. However, this diet may spend some bucks out of your pocket, but will definitely enhance your pet’s quality of life. Also, Orijen is available in different flavors so that your pet may enjoy a different taste and treat every time he/she consumes Orijen.

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Nutro is a comprehensive dry food diet that contains all the high-quality proteins and nutrition in it. Also, it does not contain genetically modified crops in it, which means that it is an ultra-clean diet for the pets. It contains ingredients such as sunflower oil, whole grains, seeds which are an excellent blend for a high-fiber and proteinaceous diet.


This pet food is essentially formulated to the pets that are having a sensitive stomach. Canidae is generally formed of nutritionally impenetrable flesh and fish having compelling flavorings. Due to which it is loved by all the pets. Whether your pet is inclined to stomach or abdomen pains or not, he/she will definitely swallow the last bite. You can say that Canidae is one of the best serving food for pets that are more sensitive to diseases.


If you observe that your dog is tired of eating frozen and dry foods, then you must try Weruva. This pet food brand consists of food in liquid or gravy form which comes in small packed pouches. Also, Weruva contains an extensive type of flavors that will make your pet love with it. It contains grain-free ingredients such as animal-sourced protein and omega fatty acids, which are a good source of essential proteins and fiber. Also, it is easy to feed and can be given on a daily basis.

American Journey

It is made for daily ventures, it contains ingredients that are grain-free such as real meat and high-quality complex carbohydrates. This is the perfect blend of diet that can be given to a pet daily.

So these were some of the pet food brands explored by Stephanie Taunton— an expert pet trainer. For any queries related to pet foods, one can leave a comment in the comment section below. We will put up our knowledge and solve your queries.

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What Should You Seek For In A Trainer You Are About To Hire?

Dog Trainer

Nowadays, the majority of the dog owners, seeking for the right dog trainer to make groom their dogs. Unfortunately, it is one of the most difficult decisions to get right. Therefore, experts always advice to hire professional trainers who love and understand the language of animals like Stephanie Taunton.

So what should you Seek for in a trainer you are about to hire?


A professional trainer is easily recognized by the techniques he used to train a dog. During the training process, a good trainer will continuously communicate about his techniques with the motive to involve you in the activity and training. In the training process, if you are not comfortable with the tools, you won’t be able to use them. And if you don’t use them, the training will not be successful. Therefore, make sure the trainer use those techniques that make you feel comfortable. Because if you can’t make sense of it, your dog can’t either.


Most pet owners forget to consider this point while searching for the trainer. Trainers have to be someone who inspires you and make you fall in love again with your pet. Choose someone who is a great communicator both in terms of teaching and listening to your questions. In the end, your dog lives with you and has to be trained by you. So make sure you choose someone who doesn’t ignore your concern in favor of your dog while teaching you and your dog.

Be a certified trainer

If you are planning to hire a dog trainer, it is advisable to hire someone who certified and professional. Because they are skilled and talented in providing good training. You will find a long list of certified trainers on the internet, choose someone only after exploring reviews about them on social media. Nowadays everyone is on social media including dog trainers. Therefore, it is easy to search for them on Facebook or Twitter to know more about them. For say, you search Stephanie Taunton Facebook account or Twitter account, it is advisable to explore her followers, testimonials, feeds, and other activities. It helps you to know more about the trainer before making a hiring decision.

Experience dealing with your pain point

Every pet owner hires trainers for different reasons. Few of them wants dogs to be obedient, so they enjoy even when they are out or about. Others need trainers to deal with some pretty serious behavioral issues. And yet others look for trainers to pursue advanced sports with their dogs.

Stephanie Taunton says when you are choosing a trainer, make sure you select someone according to your need and requirement. And don’t choose someone to help you get your pet prepped for competition unless they’ve working experience in that arena. Similarly, don’t choose a sports dog trainer to fix your aggression unless that’s something they have wide experience with.


Stephanie Taunton| 5 Worst Food That Are Bad For Dogs

Bad Food For Dogs

Usually, dogs are considered as a family member by many peoples. And in order to show them love and affection, many peoples feed them the food that they regularly have. But do you know? Feeding them regular food can be dangerous. Dogs are not used to eat fatty and oily foods as they can act toxic for them.

So herewith a skillful dog trainer – Stephanie Taunton let’s find out the worst foods that are bad for dogs.

Grapes and Raisins

Grapes and Raisins

According to Stephanie Taunton – Feeding grapes and raisins to a dog can indeed be harmful. Some dogs might digest it, but others might face difficulty. Also, raisins and grapes may lead to kidney failure. The symptoms may appear within 12 hours. Symptoms like vomiting, lethargy, and diarrhea can be seen. If these symptoms are not treated on time, then it can lead to dehydration, decreased appetite, and increased urination. So if you notice such symptoms, then immediately take your dog to a veterinary hospital.

Garlic And Onions

Garlic And Onions

Garlic and Onions can be very dangerous for your dog. It is analyzed that a small dose of these two foods may do not cause any harmful effect but if taken in a large amount can lead to various consequences. It can damage the Red Blood Cells (RBC’s) of a dog and may even cause Anemia. Its symptoms may include weakness, dizziness, breathlessness, loss of interest in food, and vomiting.

Sugary Food

Foods that contain an excessive amount of sugar can be dangerous for dogs as well as humans. Also, the problems that occur after consuming sugary food may be the same as humans. Such types of foods can cause serious diseases such as diabetes, obesity, dental health issues, etc. So it is suggested that avoid feeding sugary foods to the dogs as it may act as a life decreasing agent in the body of the dogs.


Chocolate is one of the loved foods them we human consume. But it can be dangerous for dogs. Since Chocolate contains Theobromine, which is extremely toxic for a dog to consume. Also, it can lead to various effects and symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, abnormal heart-beats, seizures, tremors, or sometimes may lead to death. So it is advised that, do not let your dog consume chocolates, save the sweet for yourself.

Alcohol and Raw Bread Dough

Alcohol and Raw Bread Dough

It’s damn true that consumption of alcoholic content in any kind of drink or product can be extremely dangerous for your dog’s health. Since alcohol and other alcoholic products contain ethanol – it can cause alcohol intoxication in dogs. The symptoms of Alcohol intoxication may include dizziness, extreme body temperature, restlessness, seizures, tremors, etc. So if you note any kind of such symptoms in your dog then immediately consult with a vet doctor and start your dog’s treatment.

So these were the 5 worst foods, Stephanie Taunton – a leading dog trainer has explored in this blog. Always keep in mind that the unusual use of such foods may have various dangerous consequences. So try to avoid such types of foods for your dog’s safety and good health.


Best Food For Your Dogs To Maintain Them Healthier

Dogs Diet

Whether it is a human or animal, food is an important source of nutrition for every living being. If you think humans are the only one who loves food, you might be wrong. Pet owners know how much their pet love and crave for food. In most cases, we can’t share our food with our pet, but that doesn’t mean they have limited options to eat. If you want your pet to grow healthier, make sure you focus on his diet.

Let’s explore some of the best food types for your dogs to maintain them healthier with dog lover Stephanie Taunton.

Chicken And Turkey

Chicken diet for dogs

Cooked and unseasoned chicken is very good for your dog’s health. It offers various energy-boosting nutrients, including protein. Also, you can add the turkey in your dog’s diet as healthier food without any seasoning, including garlic. Also, remember to remove excess fat and skin from turkey scraps.


Eggs Diet For Dogs

Almost every pet nutritionist recommend eggs for protein diet. Eggs are a very good source of energy and protein for pets. Not only this, it has some other benefits as well. For instance, it helps cure an upset stomach. Eggs are easily accessible in the market, so you do not have to worry about it. You can easily buy eggs, boil them and serve to your pet.

Shrimp And Fish

Feed Fish To Dog

If you believe in giving nutritionist diet to your dog, then you must add shrimp and fish in his diet. Most people may not know that fully cooked shrimp without the shells is very good source nutrient for your pooch. Also, fish is a very good source of nutrients, as it includes amino acid and good fats. So, if you like healthier dogs, make sure you give shrimp and fish to your pet in his diet.


Yogurt For Dogs

The dog owners must have noticed that dogs love eating yogurt. According to expert, it is a very good source of protein and calcium. You can give yogurt to your dog as snacks when he is hungry. It not only satisfy his hunger but also give him a required amount of protein and calcium diet.


Pork For Dogs

Many nutritionists and practitioners consider pork one of the best source of protein for pets. It also includes amino acids. When it comes to allergies, pork has lesser chances of allergy reactions as compared to other meat options. Also, pork contains a good amount of calories when it comes to comparison with other meats.


Oat meals for dogs

Oatmeal is not only a good source of nutrients for humans but animals as well. You can offer your pet oatmeal as snacks but remember do not add sugar in it. According to many pet nutrition, Consumption oatmeal helps in maintain bowel regularities in dogs. Also, it prevents wheat allergies in dogs as it is a good source of grain.

Final Words

These are the few good food items suggested by Stephanie Taunton that you can add in your pet diet to give him a variety of options in food and also maintain their healthy life. If you want your dog to enjoy every meal every day as you do, make sure you make his diet healthier and interesting.


Stephanie Taunton| Founder of Bow Wow Production

Stephanie Taunton Certified Dog Trainer

What you hear or read is not always complete truth. Sometimes news made by the people or rivals, especially when you are a public figure. The same situation has been faced by Stephanie Taunton – the founder of Bow Wow production or Hesperia Zoo.

She has been serving in the industry for many years, and taking care of animals is her long term passion. Today she is a certified dog trainer and trained numerous animals to perform in films, events, and even for photography projects.

Stephanie Taunton Certified Dog Trainer
Stephanie Taunton

Untold Story

Most people may not know that her Hesperia Zoo is popular with various names, including cinema safari zoo. Also, everybody knows that Stephanie Taunton certified dog trainer rents out her animals for various events under the name of Bow Wow Productions. Sometimes what we hear is not the complete truth. For instance, you may have heard that in the year 2006, tiger tried to escape from its cage in Hesperia Zoo. And it happened because of the carelessness of an employee. However, in reality, the team of Hesperia Zoo is very careful, when it comes to the protection of animals.

Hesperia Zoo not only entertains kids and families by organizing various events where animals perform but also train animals without exploiting them. They consider all care and precautions that come under the Animal Welfare Act while training animals to learn and perform.

Life is not perfect for anyone. Every success brings new challenges. For instance, Taunton has faced many false allegations from USDA and other rivals.  However, she faced every situation calmly and fight for justice. People often forget that a wrong allegation or misunderstanding can ruin someone career, reputation, but in the end, truth always wins.

Today, Hesperia Zoo and Bow Wow production have many clients. In recent years, they have successfully scheduled many events and tours. Plus, their followers and clients have been increasing on a continuous basis. Whether you want to feed a tiger or want the elephant to perform on your kid’s birthday event, everything is possible at Hesperia Zoo. Even if you need pooch for casting in your film, nothing could be better than approaching Bow Wow Production.

Many big banners photographers and film productions collaborated with Bow Wow Production for trained animals for their projects. They never believed in those allegations they heard or read about Taunton. And why should they believe such rumors when they are getting amazing service from the reputed brand – Bow Wow Production. You can explore about on Stephanie Taunton Facebook page.

Final Words

Today, Stephanie Taunton is from all charges and allegations. She is successfully running her Hesperia Zoo and Bow Wow Production. If you are also an animal lover and seeking pets for shows or events, you can explore her sites. Also, you can explore Taunton social media pages, including Facebook.

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