Are You an Animal Lover? You Must Visit these 5 Places in California

Animal Lover- Stephanie Taunton

Travelling never cost you much if you have planned the activities and prepared the shopping list in advance. Don’t you agree? Well, if you are traveling to California and you are an animal lover like Stephanie Taunton, do not forget to spend some time among furry, hoofed and winged friends. However, the question is where in California we can spend quality time with animals – a beautiful creature on the planet.

Let’s check out the activities that every animal lover must explore in California:

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo is one of the best places for animal lovers to visit in southern California. If you ever dreamt of petting panda or getting up close to gorillas, tigers, sun bears, Asian leopards, rare reptiles, and more, then this destination is a must visit. Here you will enjoy a guided tour on a double-decker bus and the scenic view from the Skyfari aerial tram. And do not forget to dine in peaceful surroundings of Albert’s Restaurant.

The Reptile Zoo

The Reptile Zoo is a 10,000-square-foot Fountain Valley zoo which houses over 100 exotic species of reptiles, arachnids, and amphibians from around the world. They offer a unique educational entertainment facility to animal lovers. Every animal has its own story, some are rescues, many were born at The Reptile Zoo, and others are part of private collections. Here you get an opportunity to learn about these rare animals first hand with interactive displays and presentations. If you have a desire to hold them, go for it!

Safari West

Safari West is the most adventurous place to visit in California. Here you can go on safari and see animals roaming wild and soaring free. Furthermore, you will enjoy the zoological gardens with jumping lemurs, and monkeys, birds singing in the tree top, cheetahs, and much more. Hold on! This is not the end, here you can experience safari glamping camp as well.

Hesperia Zoo

Stephanie Taunton - Hesperia Zoo
Stephanie Taunton – Hesperia Zoo

Those who have a passion for spending time around loving and wonderful animals, then a visit to Hesperia Zoo is the must. The Hesperia Zoo is the home of exotic animals and birds. Here people from all age group enjoy spending time and feeding these beautiful creatures. Further, they provide an opportunity for a private tour or events with a special reservation. You will find here animals happy and friendly as they have raised very well.

Aquarium of the Pacific

During a visit to California, The Aquarium of the Pacific a public aquarium which is located on Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach, California, is a must visit for the people of all age group. Here you will find some interesting creatures that you may not have seen in other aquariums. Furthermore, visitors can go outside and take a small hike to see the lighthouse down the way and the bay area with the Queen Mary across it. Also, you will find here places to eat, that you must try for the wonderful experience.

Final Words

Shout out to all the animal lovers! And ask them to explore these amazing activities during the visit to California with Stephanie Taunton.



Few Things to Consider before Visiting Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary

Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary - Stephanie Taunton

Are you an animal lover like Stephanie Taunton? If yes, then you must like to visit wildlife sanctuary as well. Most people say it is difficult to understand the language of animals. However that’s not true, every animal lover understands their language and emotions. If you are visiting California, you should not forget to visit Tucker wildlife sanctuary and the places around it.

Here are 5 things that you should know about it.

The century remain closed on Mondays and Major Holidays

Are you planning to visit Tucker wildlife sanctuary on Monday? Well, it remains closed on Mondays and on other major holidays. So, it is advisable to plan your trip accordingly, if you do not want to get disappointed. Exploring wildlife sanctuary is a fun activity for animal lovers. Do you want animals to be a part of your birthday parties or any other occasion? Well, no worries, many companies like Bow Wow Production have made it possible now. As they have trained animals to perform for films, commercial, parties, etc.

Timing is from 9 am to 4 pm

timimg - Stephanie Taunton
Every day except for Mondays, the tucker wildlife sanctuary remains open from 9 am in the morning to 4 pm in the evening. Here, most people love doing hiking and relaxation. This is the best holiday destination for kids of all age group. Especially if someone has never seen hummers, he should visit here for the memorable experience. Anyone who visits here, are guaranteed to fall in love with the tiny birds.


They do not charge an entry fee. However, they accept donations and recommended donation is around $3.00 per person. Good deeds never cost much. Therefore, many companies including Bow Wow Production encourage society to make earth a better place for the animals.

After enjoying the beauty of Tucker wildlife sanctuary, you must visit amazing places around it. Few of them are here

Saddleback Church

Saddleback Church

Saddleback Church is one of the famous churches in California. This place welcome people from across the world. No matter how disturbed or stressed you are, prayer can make anything possible. And this is what we can learn here in this beautiful church. The contemporary music and peaceful environment of this church will make your trip memorable one. So, during your trip, do not forget to visit this church.

Irvine Spectrum Center

After a tiring day, nothing could be better than visiting a famous mall like Irvine spectrum center for relaxation. Here you can enjoy shopping, food, movies, and much more. Further, there are fun activities to entertain kids of all age group. If you visit this mall, do not forget to visit a comedy theater with dining, dessert shops, and cheesecake factory.

Rancho Las Lomas Wildlife Foundation

Rancho Las Loams wildlife foundation is a famous open-air museum that smile, express, and growls. Basically, the motive of this foundation is to educate society about the wonders of the natural world. Further, they make you realize that every creature on this planet deserves the right to live with respect. Similarly, Stephanie Taunton – certified dog trainer and an animal lover is making efforts in making a world where every creature get equal treatment. By making animals part of your birthday parties, picnic, or other events.

Guided Tours and Events Boo at the Hesperia Zoo!

                                                             Scare-free fun!

cache-Stepahnie Taunton

Boo at the Zoo is a neighborhood of safe Halloween entertainment, with spooky delight around every corner, including animals on exhibit each evening. There is a Creepy Crawly Critter Animal Show after the flashlight tour, and each child receives complimentary treats, so bring a trick or treat bag! Kids and adults are encouraged to wear fun (not too scary) costumes by Stephanie Taunton.

Source By: Stephanie Taunton


Which Mistakes You Should Evade When Training Your Dog


Dog training is a lasting process. There is a lot of online information about how to train a dog. You can teach your dog anything using different methods says, Stephanie Taunton. However, there is a lot of mistakes that individuals can make while training their dogs. In this article, you will get some common missteps that have a big impact on whether or not your efforts are successful.


What 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Training Your Dog

Training Mistake - Stephanie Taunton

Dog training is a lasting process. There is a lot of online information about how to train a dog. You can teach your dog anything using different methods says, Stephanie Taunton. However, there is a lot of mistakes that individuals can make while training their dogs. In this article, you will get some common missteps that have a big impact on whether or not your efforts are successful.

Dog Training -Stepahnie Taunton
Dog Training -Stephanie Taunton

Here are some common mistakes that you should avoid when training dog:

Failing to rehearsal in between classes

This is a big mistake individuals make. Practice makes man perfect and it is also applicable to dog training. If you think that by attending a class once a week, you can create an obedient dog, then you are wrong. Hence, make sure you rehearsal every day.

Actually, dogs have the mindset of a human toddler and their attention spans can be short. And for some dogs, you will have better achievement with 5 to 10-minute session states Stephanie Taunton Facebook profile.

Command Nagging

Command nagging is when a dog does not reply to a cue. This happens with the word “Come”. Dog Trainer say it, the dog doesn’t follow and he/she keep saying it. Soon the dog does not pay attention until you have said the word five to six times.

By repeating the cue, you are teaching your pet not to respond right away. So, it is imperative to say the cue just once. If your dog is bleary and you do not think he is listening, it is better not to say it at all. It will help to avoid command nagging and train the dog to respond to a single cue every time.



It will take time to train a dog. In fact, each dog learns at different pace says, Stephanie Taunton. So, getting upset if your dog is not catching something you are trying to teach is not going to help. Fact is, it will make the things worst as the dog also get stressed. If your dog is trying to learn something, consider whether or not this is a good time to train.

Bribing instead of training with rewards


Reward-based training is the most effective method to teach new skills. However, there is the correct and wrong way to use those rewards Bow Wow Production founder says. The most common blunder individuals make while training a new cue is that they grasp a noticeable treat in their hand while asking the dog to perform an action.

When the dog sees what is in stock for them, they are likely to offer whatsoever behavior they think might win them the treat. However, when the treat isn’t extant, the conduct drops apart.

Using a high voice

Like children, dogs are much happier to react to a request when it is spoken with enthusiasm and pleasure. An angry tone specifies that you are already angry with them and cause the dog to evade you at all prices.

Wrapping Up

These some mistakes by Stephanie Taunton that you should avoid while training your dog. Whether you just have bought a cute puppy, or want to train old one, these are some mistakes that you should evade.


What kind of tips help in dog training

Dog Training

Stephanie Taunton has been professionally training dogs for over 20 years, she has been a sought-after seminar speaker on various training techniques throughout the country. She is an accredited California State certified dog trainer.

This title is held by only a few trained professionals and is an unprecedented training program that certifies her to train multi fascinated working dogs. She has taken this knowledge and has trained many successful dog trainers that now have prosperous careers of their own.

Source By: Stephanie Taunton

Tips to Train Your Dog At Home

Humans can become very attached to their canine companions. There are rare things in life that give us more recreation than our pets. Dogs are our best friends and are synonymous with loyalty, devotion, and love. Every dog owner wants their dog better behaved. For this, you have to train your dog. The first way is to attend a dog class led by a professional trainer, however, this is not possible for everyone to afford these classes. The second way is the house training. Train your canine at home by following below mentioned easy tips.

Listen To Your Dog

It is important to listen to your dog before starting any kind of house training. You should be mentally prepared for the accidents occurs while training session. Stephanie Taunton said do not expect him to learn the things instantly. If your dog is not comfortable with another dog, person or animal, do not insist him to say hello. You should respect the reason for what he is not feeling comfortable. Sometimes forcing things will result in bigger problems.

Listen to Your Dog

Be Generous with Your Affection

It’s good to be very clear about your feeling with your dog. If you are unhappy with your dog, show it, however, do not forget the good stuff. Your dog needs your affection a lot. Every time when he does well, treat him with your love and affection.

Quench His Tastebuds

Every dog is unique and it does not take much to know your dog. Just because the label on the bag says “all dogs love it” does not mean your dog will love it too. Use your instincts to know what he enjoys most. Many dogs are choosy about what they eat. Sometimes soft and chew treats are more excited than hard and crunchy treats.

Quench His Taste buds

Be specific what you Want Him to Do

Dogs always love to jump, play and bark. Now what exactly you want from him when he tries to jump up on someone to say hello. Instead of simply saying No, You just instruct him to sit. When you say No to him, your dog, maybe jump higher or bark. So to avoid the confusion, tell him to sit instead of jumping. Give him clear instructions in order to get the desired results.

Be Consistent

When you are training your dog. Set 15-20 min as a daily training routine. Initially, dogs especially Pubs not find it interesting, but if you practice daily, it will be a routine for them. Involve your family members in the training session to keep all of them on the same page.

Be Consistent

Feed Quality Foods

Quality food fulfills the nutrients need of your canine. Do not miss to take advice from your veterinarian on a well-balanced diet for your pet. High protein diet won’t be suitable for a dog who loves to sit in your family room.

Have Realistic Approach

According to Stephanie Taunton a License animal trainer, to successfully house train your Dogs and pubs, you have to be patient enough as it will take several months to train them. Changing behavior takes time with dogs. You have to have a realistic approach while training your dog.

Reward Works Best

It’s good to give a reward to your dog during training. Not with food items every time, you can reinforce him with praise, touch, games, and walks.