Things You Should Know When Choosing a Pet Bed

Things Know choosing a Pet Bed

Do you love watching your pet sleeping? Actually, every animal lover does like watching his pet while sleeping in bed. What if you find your pet uncomfortable in a bed? It shows the bed is not appropriate according to your pet need. So, you should buy a bed for your pet according to his comfort and need. Hold on! Before you buy a bed, you need to understand a few things that will help you in shopping for a pet bed.

Let’s explore few tips for a pet bed shopping with an animal lover and founder of bow wow productions- Stephanie Taunton.

Consider the measurement of your pet

measurement of your pet

You can use a tape to measure your pet from nose to tail. Considering the measurement is especially important if your pet stretches out when he or she feels lazy. Whether you have a dog or a cat, he or she will definitely like to sleep on the right-sized bed. Those pets who do not stretch out and love being cradled usually prefer smaller, rounded pet beds. In fact, few pet bed sizes are based on weight. If your animal is larger and heavy, you may need denser cushions on pet beds. The weight of the pet possibly crush thinner cushions, and your pet obviously won’t find the bed comfortable.

Make a Place where you will keep the pet bed

Choose a place for a pet bed while considering the size and style of the pet bed. Suppose you are buying a bed for a cat and wanted to place it on a small table near a backyard, make sure the bed should not bigger than the table edges.

Consider the features you required ion a bed for your pet

In case your pet is dealing with arthritis, in such situation, beds with a thick padding or a foam bed may be the right choice. You can choose heated pet beds if your pet chill easily, for example, hairless cats and kittens, dogs with short hairs or older pets. If your pet likes to crawl under beds or choose isolated areas to sleep may love a hooded pet bed instead of an open bed.

Place where you will keep the pet bed

Choose the colour and style according to your choice

Pet beds are available in many colours and designs; you can select the one that compliments your decorating tastes. Suppose you want a pet bed that matches with your own blue sofa or you may seek a pet bed that complements your other furniture with a little animal print, then you have to search accordingly.

Consider the washing instructions before purchasing

Once pet beds get dirty you need to get it washed or replaced. You may find a majority of the beds with machine-washable cover, however, make sure the rest of the bed is also easy to wash.

Bottom line

So, these are the tips from Stephanie Taunton – founder of bow wow productions that you should keep in mind while shopping for a pet bed.


How You Must Take Care of Your Older Cats

How You Must Take Care of Your Older Cats

Stephanie Taunton says, every living being whether a human or animal deserves special care, proper food, and quality life. Having a pet is not a small thing, rather it’s a great responsibility. They depend on us, therefore, they need special care and treatment to live a healthy and happy life. As your pet grows older they need special care and attention. Indeed. And it is your responsibility to provide them with everything they need in the older age.

Here are few tips to take care of your older cats.

Give Attention to Their Diet

A proper and healthy diet is necessary for the animals, especially when they get older. At an older age they need more nutrients and support that normal cat food won’t provide. Therefore, if your cat is getting older, add proteins, phosphorus, and fats in her diet. Also, remember, the texture of the food should be tender, which makes it easier to chew.

give attention to their diet

Choose a Good Veterinarian

Cats usually do not show their pain like other animals, they know how to hide their suffering very well. And this is the reason you need an expert veterinarian who can figure out what your cat is dealing with. If you want good health for your cat, then visit the physician, at least twice a year. In the end, the examination at the right can prevent various major problems and diseases.

Maintain Your Cat’s Oral Hygiene

Older cats may also deal with an inflammation of the gums that can cause infections as well as loss of appetite. Therefore, physicians recommend good care of their oral hygiene by using toothpaste and brushes. In the end, it is necessary for preserving the health of older cats. They won’t say that is dealing with the problem, it’s your responsibility to take preventions before it’s too late.

maintain your cat_s oral hygiene

Take Care of Their Fur

With time when the cat is getting older they start facing internal damage, infections, and other health problems and cat’s fur will reflect it. You can easily observe it because their fur will start losing its shine, strength, and energy. Therefore, you must take care of your cat’s fur at home to avoid major problems.

Don’t Self-Medicate Older cats

Do not give same medicine or home remedies you consume to your cat when she is getting older. It is not necessarily what works for you, will work for your older cat. According to experts, it is always advisable to consider veterinarian instructions and advice when it comes to the health of your pet. Especially when your pet is getting older.

Final Words

So, these are a few tips that you must follow and implement in order to give your cat a healthy disease free life. And do not forget to add some patience, love, and attention. You can learn from animal lover Stephanie Taunton how to build a happy place for animals. And how to make this planet a better place for them.

Stephanie Taunton – Train Your New Pet Feel at Home

Train your new pet feel at home with stephanie taunton

Bringing home a new pet is a big event for any pet lover and pet. Preparation in advance can make the change easier for anyone. For instance, purchasing the right gear, exploring what a new pet needs, and much more.

Let’ explore some useful tips from Stephanie Taunton to make pet comfortable in a new home.

Make New Pet feel At Home

Make New Pet feel At Home

The first thing to understand when you bring a new pet home is that the new place will likely be a surprise form him. To create some kind of familiarity with him, you need to create a quite similar environment for him.

For cats, you can choose the right kitty litter: Shelters provide both clay-based and biodegradable, plant-based litter, and many cats show a fondness. Also, consider a similar shape and style of the litter box they are used to.

Stephanie Taunton with dogWhen it comes to dogs, they are not so picky about their waste management, however, a familiar toy possibly makes a big difference.

In addition, dogs need a secure and particular space to call their own. That you Stephanie Taunton (Bow Wow Productions) can consider in the form of a cozy dog bed, however, you should not compromise with the quality of dog crate. According to most experts, a crate is important for any owner. For dogs, a crate offers a protected and familiar space to retreat to; for owners, it helps implement sleep and bathroom schedules and keeps pooches and children separated when required.

Help Your Pet Eat and Drink Well

Cats and dogs usually drink or eat out of any container when thirsty or hungry, but specific vessels for pet encourage healthier habits by leaving space for their whiskers.

Your animal’s whiskers are sensory organs, and over stimulating them is not only disturbing but can make “whisker fatigue” which, like strong smells for individuals, can make pet less likely to eat and drink. Experts recommend vessels should be stainless steel and dishwasher-safe and must be smooth, as scratch-resistant surfaces are easy to clean.

Pet Eat and Drink Well

Explore and Travel With Safety

All dogs need walking and maybe some cats do, as well, and this is when you need a strong chain. But before you go out and purchase one, understand that your pet’s collar isn’t an ideal attachment spot. After all, if your dog swings or you have to stop them hurriedly, you risk damaging their trachea.

Explore and Travel With Safety

Don’t Forget To Enjoy

Cats aren’t selective when it comes to toys. But many experts’ acclaims toys that imitator prey behavior, with fast, unpredictable movements, or high-pitched sound, if you can tolerate it.

Don’t Forget To Protect Them

You can use chipped for your pet. Fixed under the skin, you can ask any vet to perform this procedure. Pet microprocessors include your name and other identifying info and, not like collar tags, won’t fall off or be easily removed. They make it much easier to bring together a lost or stolen pet with its parent owner.

Dont Forget To Protect pet

Final Words

So these are the few tips from Stephanie Taunton to give your pet feel like home and other important care and security.

How One Can Make Money as a Dog lover? Explore With Stephanie Taunton

A wise man once said, make your hobby your profession and you don’t need to work for a day in your life. We couldn’t agree less. But what if a person is an animal lover and loves spending time with dogs? Is there any career option for a dog lover? The answer is – Yes, now you can make money as a dog lover. Do you want to know how? Let’s explore few career options with animal lover Stephanie Taunton.

dog lover


Service dog trainer

The job of service dog trainers is more than just training average pets to sit and stay. They basically teach dogs’ particular ways to help disabled people live better lives. Each dog possible need to be taught different skills with the motive to be the most useful for the individual it’s going to help. In the role of a service dog trainer, not only you are going to work with dogs, but making an actual influence in the lives of individuals who need help the most.

Dog Walker

Get paid by working as a dog walker? Why not! You need to take your own dog for a walk anyway. Why don’t you pick up a few other canines couple of different canines en route and inspire paid to stroll around outside? Get as few or the same number of customary customers as you like and you have your cardio requirement taken care of for the week.

Animal rights lawyer

This one requires a law degree, obviously, yet on the off chance that you adore creatures and still need a steady, well-paying employment, being an animal legal advisor is the best approach. Unfortunately, creatures can’t talk up for themselves, so they expect people to talk up for them. In case you’re filled to the overflow with sympathy for creatures – and the knowledge to get through the law exam – this might be the ideal profession for you.

Pet Party Planner

Of course, individuals throw parties for their pets, and indeed, they will pay you to design the gathering for them. It might be a birthday party, a reception festivity, or maybe for beating disease festivity, yet an ever increasing number of individuals are opening up to getting together some of their canine’s most loved companions – with their people in tow, obviously – for a gathering. On the off chance that you cherish arranging festivities and have an enthusiasm for dogs, this might be only the correct career option for you!

Dog Photographer

Do you possess photography skills? Nowadays dog photographers are very much in demand than ever. Whether you do serious pictures or candid shots, you can earn good money from people for clicking the best photos of their dogs.

Dog Bather or groomer

Despite the fact that turning into a dog groomer needs training, many prepping salons will enlist someone with no experience to be a pooch bather and will at that point train that individual to end up a puppy groomer. If you have persistence and comfortable in getting peed or pooped on while you work, dog grooming may be the career for you.

Final Words

So, if you are a dog lover like Stephanie Taunton, these are the few best options for you to start a career. Now you can choose your hobby as your career with ease as an animal lover. What more you could ask for?

Every Animal Lover Must Visit These Four Best Places in Los Angeles

Do you know what role an animal play in our lives? According to the research, pets can lower our blood pressure, anxiety, and levels of stress. And this is the reason why most of the people are animal lovers on this planet. Nowadays many organizations and cafes offer you an opportunity to spend some time with pets and have fun.

Here the best places in Los Angeles for animal lovers. Explore with Stephanie Taunton.


Kanchan Singh the founder of Crumbs and Whiskers started this café with the motive to do something good for the world, especially for the animals. According to her opening, a cat café is one of the best ways to treat homeless cats in a more humane way and it will increase more adoptions.


The first Crumbs & Whiskers in Washington, D.C. worked so well that she went West Coast, opening a second location on Melrose Avenue in L.A. You can pre-book the visits from the website. Pricing is $22 on weekdays and $25 on weekends approximately, which gets you 75 minutes of catlike playtime. Lattes may not be included.


The Dog Café is settled in a Silver Lake strip mall, where visitors can pay $15 for an hour of fun with dogs rescued from L.A. shelters. This place is built for animal lovers. Puppies live on site for as long as it takes to find them a permanent home and is free to roam the play area, flaunt their personalities outside of stressful shelter environments. Many successful adoptions have occurred since their grand opening in April 2016. Individuals are introduced to the pooches in small groups and while walk-ins can occasionally be accommodated. Reservations are highly recommended.



STAR Eco Station is one of the best places for kids. Basically, it is an environmental science museum in Culver City, to learn more about fish, alligators, tortoises, parrots, pythons, etc. It is a designated Official Wildlife Rescue Center by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Seasonal eco-camps teach children about the maintenance and feeding of their animals, with an emphasis on ecosystems and conservation.



Saddlerock Ranch is 1,000 extensive acres of vineyards and home to the Semler family’s zebras, emu, llamas, camels, horses, chickens, goats, and Stanley the famous giraffe. Most of the exotics here are retired from the film industry or reject from zoos and collectors. They are enjoying their lives well in the hills of coastal L.A. County. The setting may be familiar to enthusiasts of reality television. Malibu Wine Safari offers numerous tour tiers with a variety of wildness and wines, all with magnificent views and savvy guides – perfect for an adventurous date or friends groups.


Bottom Line

So these are the few best places in Los Angeles that every animal lover should visit once in a lifetime. What you are waiting for? Pack your bags and let’s explore these places with Stephanie Taunton.

6 Things your Dog Knows About You

Stephanie Taunton says, no doubt that there is no friend as good as a dog; they are wise, lovable, loyal, and are always happy to stay with us. In addition to all these qualities, your closest companion additionally discovers significantly more about you than you thought! They can tune into your sentiments, comprehend your plans for the future and can even analyze your well being.


Here are 6 things you might not have trusted your puppy knows superior to any other individual, and perhaps superior to you…

1. They Know When You Need Protecting

Have you at any point seen that your puppy some of the time twists up in your bed or dozes at your feet when you feel somewhat discouraged, or that it sticks to you when strolling in dim and startling places? The purpose behind this isn’t really that they are afraid, yet dogs can smell the leftovers of adrenalin that is discharged from our bodies when looked with threat or emergency, and, along these lines, want to ensure and support us. Their faculties turn out to be much more intense when one of our relatives is gone, and they realize this debilitates and damages us.

2. They are better than You at identifying your pain

The pooches’ developed feeling of smell enables them to recognize an assortment of medicinal issues, from a drop in glucose to headaches and different agonies. Prepared dogs can alarm epilepsy patients to a coming assault, and even distinguish diseases in the bodies of disabled patients who can’t feel their very own agony.

3. They understand that your baby is delicate

A puppy is a creature whose entire substance is life in a pack, and your family is the most essential thing to it. Dogs will ensure babies, which they see as the freshest and most delicate individual from the pack, with their lives. They will snarl at any more abnormal who attempts to approach the infant and be aware of any bizarre action that happens when a man outside the family plays with the tyke.

On the off chance that they think the infant has been harmed they may assault the guilty party out of affection and worry for your kids. It is for sure adorable and energizing, however, it additionally implies that you ought to be watchful and ponder who is permitted to approach the child when your puppy is near.

4. They are able to diagnose cancerous tumors

An astonishing disclosure from late years has uncovered that puppies know how to identify the improvement of growth cells in the body utilizing their feeling of smell. On account of their created nose, pooches can detect certain synthetic substances discharged from the body because of dangerous tumors, and after fitting preparing, they can even caution about it in an incredibly exact way.

The investigation found that they know how to distinguish the nearness of bosom malignancy in the body at an exactness of 88 per cent and lung tumor with an amazing 99 percent precision. That’s the reason every animal lover including Stephanie Taunton encourages everyone to keep a pet at home.

5. They know you’re coming home

When you aren’t home, your canines presumably don’t do much other than for lounge around and sit tight for you to return. They become more acquainted with and recall your timetable, listen precisely to the hints of the autos going by the house and get energized by any indication of your landing home. On the off chance that conceivable, your canine will sit tight for you by the window and watch out in interminable expectation, with an energized look and a swaying tail.

6. They feel when you’ve fought with your partner

Regardless of whether you don’t shout or express disappointment, your pooch will dependably perceive that you’ve had a troublesome fight as per the slight change in your manner of speaking, the particular unbending nature of your body muscles, and even the manner in which you walk and the manner in which you open entryways. Family arguments additionally influence the psychological condition of the pooch, to whom your satisfaction is absolutely critical.

Final Words

Anyone like Stephanie Taunton who has ever raised a dog or considered it would be happy to find these things, for it is simply cheering to know that we have had such loyal and wonderful companions.


Effective Dog Training For Puppies

Numerous proprietors prepare their puppies while still youthful as it sureties being spared from dealing with a completely developed troublemaker in later years! Ordinarily, it is ideal to prepare your puppy at an age of four months when the greater part of his immunizations is finished at that point.

Here are some essential puppy training standards to guide you into the right course on the off chance that you need to give your puppy a chance to experience viable pooch preparing.

Understanding and recognizing the way that how your puppy will carry on or how his character will be and his mind-set exceedingly relies on upon how you treat them and how you act around them. Remember that your pet is continually watching you and listening to what you say regardless of the possibility that you are not specifically connecting with them. So make certain to make a decent case for them to take after and be predictable while using the best preparing procedures for your puppy recorded beneath.

Basic Dog Training Tips

Be The Alpha Male

The primary tenet of any successful canine preparing is to illuminate that YOU are the Alpha male in your family.

Puppies generally nibble and play-battle with different creatures or puppies inside the family in order to figure out who the genuine pioneer is. These practices show future issues you may involvement with your puppy when you attempt to set up the part of being the alpha male in the family (when you get your canine, he thinks about your family as his own pack)

dog training tips

You need to be firm and steady to demonstrate your power and in the meantime execute acquiescence puppy preparing techniques. On the off chance that your puppy continues gnawing you or snarling at you, what you can do is to move him onto his back and hold him and keep him in that position until he quits snarling.

Never Punish Your Dog

Punishment is impossible in powerful canine preparing. Shouting at your puppy due to awful conduct will just push and confound your puppy so it may be pointless.

In the event that you continue shouting at him, your puppy will get befuddled and would not have the capacity to comprehend and concentrate on what you need him to do. Never hit your pooch! This is the most exceedingly bad oversight you can make and it could bring about your canine to end up irate and be apprehensive uniquely around new individuals. As a result of this, they may chomp and assault individuals whom they are not acquainted with. On the off chance that you hit them, they may think they are under risk and it could prompt forceful conduct.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Instead of discipline, Basic Puppy preparing utilizes encouraging feedback systems to prepare your puppy.

Make a point to commend your four-legged companion a considerable measure and pet him for each good thing that he does. Give them puppy nourishment or snacks as a prize when they carry on well so they would create attractive propensities.

Effective Dog Training For Puppies
Effective Dog Training For Puppies

This method works preferred and speedier over utilizing discipline and it will help your puppy have a casual and agreeable character that could come well with some other creatures.

Make a point to commend your four-legged companion a considerable measure and pet him for each good thing that he does. Give them puppy nourishment or snacks as a prize when they carry on well so they would create attractive propensities.

This method works preferred and speedier over utilizing discipline and it will help your puppy have a casual and agreeable character that could come well with some other creatures.

Take in Your Pet’s Body Language Understanding your pooch’s non-verbal communication is additionally an absolute necessity with the end goal you should make your puppy preparing work. Correspondence is indispensable and by having the capacity to comprehend your pet’s non-verbal communication, similar to when they sway they tailor when they live their ears up, you would have the capacity to speak with your canine effectively.

Additionally, your puppy makes various types of sounds that likewise holds distinctive implications or stories, and you have to figure out how to comprehend what those sounds mean, similar to when they wail, bark, cry or snarl. This would help you effectively comprehend what they need or need when you hear them make a specific sound.

Whether you have a pooch or a puppy that should be prepared, why not consider web preparing canine compliance courses? Proficient and successful canine instructional classes can help you out in managing your puppy. We know it is less demanding to prepare puppies when contrasted with canines however a decent expert compelling puppy instructional class with clear regulated directions like The Art of Effective Dog Training will give all of you the apparatuses you have to end up a viable coach and by applying these devices with the right consistency and exertion, begin to see a constructive change in your pooch’s self-improvement.

With the right data, altering Effective Dog Training can be simple. Stephanie Taunton special interest in pets and an expert certified dog trainer.

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