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The Best 7 Reasons to Adopt Animals from the Shelter!

Stephanie Taunton says whether it is a human or an animal, every creature on this planet deserve to live a happy and healthy life. And to make to possible, most people prefer in adopting a pet instead of buying it. When you adopt, you save a life of a loving animal by making him part of your family.

However, If You Still Need A Reason To Adopt Pets, No Worries, Here Are Seven Reasons Why One Should Adopt A Pet.

You save a life

All the animals on this planet deserve to live. Most animals have been lost or abandoned, and helpless. They are all unwanted and helpless. You can save a life of an animal if you adopt them and provide them with a shelter and a new life.

You help break the cycle of pet overpopulation

pet overpopulation

Animals born every year, every month, and in every minute, but unfortunately, there are not enough homes for them. In result, animals like dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens live in misery. Therefore, adopting them from a shelter helps in breaking the pet overpopulation cycle. So, it is advisable for everyone to adopt and welcome them in your loving home.

You help stop cruelty in mass breeding facilities

mass breeding facilities

Almost everywhere, backyard breeders provide millions of animals for sale in pet stores and through newspaper ads. Often impregnate female dogs spend their entire lives in cages without human companionship. These unfortunate animals’ lives in unbearable environments, they forced to produce offspring one after one. In the end, they are destroyed once they become unprofitable assets. Therefore, by adopting a shelter animal, you can save them from the cruelty.

You take advantage of adopting an adult animal

adult animal

Adult pets are the best option! In most cases, they are already housetrained and some can even know how to obey the instructions. If you explore Stephanie Taunton facebook account, you will understand how a trained animal behaves. In case of a trained animal, you don’t need to deal with the animal biting, chewing, clawing, etc. Additionally, you don’t need to spend much time on their training.

You get a lifetime resource with shelter employees and volunteers

People who work at the shelter can help you in finding the information or resources for a pet you want to buy. Their staff members are professionals who work with animals in everyday life and have a good information on many different issues.

You adopt a pet who has received good care

good care

All animals that come to the shelter are handled by the team of professionals. They are given vaccinations on their arrival and go through a behavior screening process.  So you don’t need to worry about their health care issues. However, before you buy a pet from the shelter, it is advisable to ask them everything about your pet in detail.

You pay less

You pay less - Stephanie Taunton

Adopting a pet will cost you less as compared to buying a pet. Low adoption fees include the portion of our shelter’s costs as well. And it is much less than the cost of kittens or purebred puppies sold for profit.

Bottom Line

So, these are the reasons, why everyone should adopt a pet. According to Stephanie Taunton, whether it is an animal or a human, if you can’t make a living being happy, you can’t make an almighty happy. Remember, service to a living being is a service to god.

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Guidelines for Finding the Good Trainer for You and Your Dog

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Cindy writes that it has become quite a challenge to decide on a particular training style to implement with her dog. There are numerous trainers in her area to choose from. She’s gone to a few of them, and each seems to have a different approach to remedy her dog’s behavior. The difficulty is in deciding which training method is the right one. Which technique or method works the best?

Anyone who knows their stuff, Cindy, will tell you there is more than one way to train a dog. One of the terrific challenges in working with dogs is adjusting training plans according to each individual. A trainer must have the ability to provide realistic options that are effective, appropriate and realistic for each owner and her dog. Rather than deciding on a definitive right vs. the wrong approach,

I suggest you ask yourself the following:

First, is the technique you are being taught effectively?

If you and your trainer are working to teach your dog to do something or refrain from doing something, you should be able to see the progress or results fairly quickly. If it is not getting you closer to your training goal, your trainer should be able to suggest several alternative approaches.


Do you feel comfortable implementing the techniques being taught to you? Have you been given enough information to apply the techniques properly, and can you physically do what is being asked of you? There are some trainers who still recommend a physical, hands-on approach to work with dogs, but this is not at all necessary. Training skills based on the science of positive reinforcement embrace the concept of little or no physical handling, which many people prefer, and some require. Bottom line, if you are unwilling or unable to implement the techniques being presented to you, find someone who is more suitable for you and your dog.


How is the training approach affecting the relationship between you and your dog? Ideally, proper instruction should provide you with a means to communicate with your dog, and better understand the canine perspective. The bond you have should become stronger; your relationship enhanced. If the training methods you are implementing are causing your dog to submit to you, become frightened or wary of you, or distrusting of you, the training is destined to break down, right along with your relationship.


Are you and your dog comfortable with the training equipment that has been suggested? While early training and management require a leash and some type of collar or harness on the dog, there are lots of options out there. Many are not at all dog-friendly, and some are downright inhumane. Bottom line, a good dog trainer is going to be able to aid you in getting the results you are looking for using training tools and methods that don’t harm, scare, or injure your dog.

Finally, what is the dog getting out of the deal? Old style ‘do it or else’ training relies on the threat and/or implementation of punishment to keep the dog obedient. But this misses the point completely – dogs will logically and naturally repeat or offer behavior that works for them. The modern training uses rewards in many forms, from threats to physical praise, access to the yard to snuggling on the couch, or a quick game of tug to a ride in the car, to train and manage the dog’s behavior in all situations. It is much easier to control a dog who genuinely wants to behave the way you’ve told him to, than the dog that must be forced or corrected into compliance.

Listen to your little voice. Training your dog should be productive, enjoyable and beneficial for you both.

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About – Bow Wow Production

Stephanie Taunton-Bow Wow production

Our facilities house numerous wild and domestic animals. You can be sure that our animals will be groomed, prepped and handled in a safe and humane manner!

Bow Wow Animal Productions has been providing trained studio animals for film, commercial and print for more than 20 years.

We are based out of the Los Angeles and San Francisco area to better serve our ever growing industry. Our animals are very well traveled. From farms in the mid-west to the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple or the beaches of Mexico to the sands of India we’ll get them to you!


We are a highly skilled team with 20+ years of animal training experience.

Our goal is to always surpass your expectations!

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List of Pet-Friendly Cities In CA

Dog - Stephanie Taunton

Six cities in California ranked among the top 20 most pet-friendly in the U.S.​, according to a new report. How pet-friendly is your city?

CALIFORNIA – San Diegans love their pets. San Diego is the most pet-friendly city in California and the third most pet-friendly city in the country, according to a new report released by WalletHub.

WalletHub, a personal finance website, ranked 2018’s Most Pet-Friendly Cities by comparing the pet-friendliness of the 100 largest cities across 24 key metrics. The dataset ranges from minimum pet-care provider rate per visit to pet businesses per capita to walkability.

It’s no small act caring for a pet. Along with an open heart, caring for a pet requires an open wallet as licenses, grooming and medical care costs range from $227 to more than $2,000 annually, depending on the animal, according to the study’s authors.

When it comes to veterinary care costs, San Diego ranked 51st, but the city ranked first for pet businesses per capita, first for dog-friendly restaurants per capita, and second for animal shelters per capita, according to the report.

While San Diego came in as the most pet-friendly city in California, five other cities cracked the top 20. Irvine ranked 10th and Sacramento ranked 14th. Los Angeles ranked 17th, followed by Oakland at 18th and Long Beach at 19th.

Landing 91st on the list, Fresno came in as the least pet-friendly city in the Golden State and one of the least pet-friendly cities in the country.

Scottsdale, Arizona, ranked as the most pet-friendly city, while Honolulu, Hawaii, ranked as the least pet-friendly city, according to the report. (Get Patch real-time email alerts for the latest news from your California neighborhood. Also, download the free Patch iPhone app or free Patch Android app. Also, be sure to follow your local Patch on Facebook!)

These are the California cities that made the rankings. National rankings are in parenthesis:

San Diego (3)
Irvine (10)
Sacramento (14)
Los Angeles (17)
Oakland (18)
Long Beach (19)
Fremont (21)
Stockton (27)
Anaheim (38)
San Francisco (42)
Riverside (45)
Chula Vista (48)
San Jose (57)
San Bernardino (64)
Bakersfield (68)
Santa Ana (76)
Fresno (91)
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Best Dog Trainer and Animal Lover

Stephanie Taunton has been professionally training dogs for over 20 years, she is an accredited California State certified dog trainer. This title is held by only a few trained professionals and is an unprecedented training program that certifies her to train multi-fascinated working dogs.

She has taken this knowledge and has trained many successful dog trainers that now have prosperous careers of their own. She has been a sought-after seminar speaker on various training techniques throughout the country.

In 1989 she founded Bow Wow Productions, a studio animal training company. She has traveled the world training dogs and exotic animals for movies and television. She is the co-author of the well-received training book “The Trick is in the Training”.

Stephanie welcomes the challenge of the next training task that enables her to use her years of experience of humane training to produce the finest service dog.


Stephanie Taunton

Explore the Bond Between Stephanie Taunton And Animals

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Stephanie Taunton

Stephanie Taunton2Stephanie Taunton3Stephanie Taunton1Stephanie Taunton with Lionstephanie-taunton-hesperia-zoo-animal-trainerStephanie Taunton | Hesperia Zoo

Stephanie Taunton has been an expert trainer and In 1989 she supported Bow Wow Productions, a studio animal coaching company. She has traveled the globe coaching dogs and exotic animals for movies and tv. She is that the author of the well-received coaching book “The Trick is within the Training”. Stephanie Taunton has been a Professional trainer and she has been taken this knowledge and has trained many successful dog trainers that now have prosperous careers of their own. She has been a sought-after seminar speaker on various training techniques throughout the country.